Why Choose Us

Cash Advance® has been a trusted resource for short-term loans since 1997.

We’re a Brand You Can Trust

Cash Advance® is committed to providing an easy and smooth service to our users. Our mission has never been to push a customer into a loan they don’t want, but to help them find a short-term loan offer in their time of financial need. In addition to traditional loans, some lending partners in our network may offer lines of credit. See what the team at wrote about us here.

Our Service is Free To Use

Using Cash Advance® is completely free and you can use our service as often as needed. If you receive a loan offer, the only cost you are responsible for comes after you review and agree to your lender’s terms and disclosures. Fees associated with the loan will vary depending on your state, the lender, the amount of your short-term loan and other factors.

Large Lender Network

We work with a large network of lenders and also pass loan request information through other networks of lenders to try to connect you with a lender that offers a loan that can work for you. When you submit your loan request, we show your full information to this extended network of lenders so they can review it and choose whether to offer you a loan. If none of these lenders choose to offer you a loan, we may pass some limited information about you to our marketing partners so you can receive offers for credit repair, debt relief or similar services that relate to your loan request. Learn more in our Ad Disclosure.

Your Personal Information is Protected

CashAdvance® is certified and tested daily by Comodo to help keep your information safe and secure. We also use other industry-standard data security measures like advanced data encryption technology. You can learn more about how we treat your data in our Privacy Policy.

We are also a proud member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), a national organization dedicated to promoting best practices in the online lending industry.

We Care About the Customer Experience

Cash Advance® is dedicated to providing customers with a safe and easy experience. We also strive to make the process personal with our in-house customer service team, educational tools and resources to help customers make good financial decisions. Always keep in mind that we are not a lender and have no control over the lenders in our network or in the other networks of lenders that we utilize. You should always carefully review any loan offer you receive after using out service and compare it to all options available to you. Although our service is free to you, we are compensated by the lenders in our networks and by the other networks of lenders that we utilize. We are also compensated by marketing partners in other ways. Learn more in our Ad Disclosure.