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Scam Advisory

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Consumer security concerns are mounting at an alarming rate in recent times, particularly with the rapid expansion of the internet community. Payday loan and debt collection fraud, online data harvesting, phone scams and identity theft have become rampant, its perpetrators proliferating and diversifying faster than security measures. CashAdvance.com has compiled this comprehensive overview of the myriad scams plaguing consumers today to ensure that you stay informed of the most recent threats and of which regulatory agency to turn to for recompense.

CashAdvance.com seeks to empower the voice of the consumer to combat the rise of fraudulent assaults. If you have been victimized by such assaults, file a Scam Report to raise consumer awareness, generate the attention of law enforcement authorities and increase the likelihood of investigation and prosecution of these crimes.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Provides Education and Oversight

Congress established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) with the central mission of supervising banks, credit unions and other financial companies, and researching and analyzing consumer financial markets to ensure that consumers remain adequately informed to make sound financial decisions. A prime CFPB objective is enforcing lending laws and educating consumers and lenders on the risks, benefits, …

BBB Issues Consumer Alert on Fraudulent Debt Collectors

Be wary of imposters posing as debt collectors. Using illegal data harvesting maneuvers, fraudulent debt collectors accumulate long lists of phone numbers of people they plan to victimize. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reported that people with low credit scores and payday loan borrowers are frequently  targeted by scammers trying to collect on a …

5 Steps to Protect Yourself from Online Lender Scams

Whenever engaging in any type of online financial transaction, consumers must be wary of the fraudulent practices that abound on the Internet. CashAdvance.com seeks to remind consumers that the best protection is keeping informed of the many perils out there as well as their flagging indicators. Learn how to keep your money and information secure …

How to Identify Predatory Lending Practices

CashAdvance.com wants you to be as informed as possible when searching for a payday loan. To that end, the CashAdvance.com network of lenders has been created. Educating to ensure consumer protection requires publicizing the dangers of working with predatory lenders. CashAdvance.com makes a reasonable effort to work only with reputable lenders, but reports have surfaced …

How to Recognize Scareware

The meteoric rise of Internet usage since its mainstream introduction has led to an equally large amount of scams, malware, and viruses online. This has started a constant arms race between Internet users and the crooks who are trying to take advantage of them. As many people have grown comfortable with using antivirus software to …