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Consumer Resource

- locations strives continually to ensure consumer protection by providing the knowledge and resources necessary for consumers to make informed financial decisions. The Consumer Resource pages are a wealth of information arming consumers with the knowledge necessary to preserve their rights and providing recourse to regulatory agencies capable of remedying fraudulent lending practices.'s page provides in-depth procedural insight into the steps and requirements of obtaining a cash advance. Our Cash Advance Consumer Alert outlines the attendant risks involved in accepting the terms of a cash advance. Once you are thoroughly educated on everything that the cash advance process entails and potential repercussions, you may decide that it may not be the ideal financial emergency bailout for you. Review our page, complete with a detailed listing and objective analysis of alternative sources of funds that may better suit your needs. Visit our page to learn how to protect yourself from all of the various threats to consumer safety rampant on the internet and in the loan industry at large today.

Because the laws and regulatory agencies governing cash advances vary across state lines,’s financial experts have compiled all the relevant information bearing upon the payday loan process into 50 comprehensive, up-to-date consumer guides specific to each state within the country. Locate the state of your residence below to read up on recent state legislation on maximum interest rates and loan amounts, find the local contact information and complaint forms of your state’s consumer protection agencies, and analyze the various loan alternatives that exist for your financial needs.

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