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Pennsylvania Cash Advance Consumer Resource

Pennsylvania Cash Advance Alternatives

Pennsylvania residents are not out of options just because traditional payday loans are not available to them. Check out the list below for some solutions...

The Pennsylvania Cash Advance Process

At this time, Pennsylvania residents cannot borrow a traditional payday loan. Residents are encouraged to visit the Alternatives page for a list of cash...

Pennsylvania Consumer Protection

Payday loans are meant to help people who have fallen down on their luck and need a helping hand during tough times. This can happen...

Pennsylvania Cash Advance Laws & Regulations

References: Pennsylvania Department of Banking 333 Market St., Suite 16 Harrisburg, PA 17101-2234 Phone: (717) 787-1854 Web:

Hello and welcome to the official Pennsylvania payday loan resource guide provided by We are the most trusted place on the Internet for learning about the payday loan process and laws in the state of Pennsylvania.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident, then you may already be aware of the current regulations that have made payday loans all but illegal in the state. Because of the caps on regulatory and interest rate fees, the regulations that have been imposed make it incredibly difficult for lenders to operate in Pennsylvania, . To learn more about payday loans in Pennsylvania, continue on and explore the resources we have prepared for you here.

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For further information regarding cash advances within the various cities of Pennsylvania, please visit the links listed below in the Information by City section.