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Maine Cash Advance Consumer Resource

Maine Cash Advance Alternatives

Looking for cash alternatives to bridge the gap till your next payday? Check out the list below for some ideas that could potentially help you...

The Maine Cash Advance Process

Borrowing a payday loan is not an option at this time for Maine residents due to the current regulations put in place. If you are...

Maine Consumer Protection is happy to be an information resource for Maine residents who need to protect their consumer rights while seeking a cash advance payday loan....

Maine Cash Advance Laws & Regulations

References: Maine Statute 9-A Me.Rev.Stat.Ann. 2-401 Maine Office of Consumer Credit Regulation Department of Professional and Financial Regulation 35 State House Station Augusta, ME  04333 Phone: (207) 624-8527 Fax: (207) 582-7699 Web:

Are you a Maine resident and looking for the most reliable information on payday loans in your state? Then you are at the right place!, the leading source for payday loan information, has accumulated the most comprehensive and dependable guide on the internet for information on Maine payday loans.

Maine residents have probably noticed that it is virtually impossible to obtain a payday loan in their state. This is because Maine has enacted certain interest rate caps and other fee regulations that have made it difficult for any lenders, except a select few, to be able to feasibly operate a business dedicated to offering quick cash loan in the state. There is high demand in Maine for payday loans, so residents should check back with for updates and news developments on pending reforms to Maine law.

For more information on cash advances within the various cities of Maine, please visit the Information by City section below.

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