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Cash Advance in Naperville

Do you need cash fast, but cannot wait until your next paycheck from work? Short term loans are available to help with this financial crunch. You can obtain a cash advance in Naperville in just minutes. These payday loans are offered by a number of lenders in the area, and the requirements for getting one are few.

In Illinois, you must be 18 years of age to receive a payday loan. All you will need is your driver’s license or other acceptable identification, a recent paystub from work, and your checkbook. Whether you apply in person or online, the form that needs to be completed is relatively straightforward and takes only moments to fill out. Your checking account information is important, because the loan is secured by a postdated check for the amount equal to the amount borrowed, plus the lending fee.

Your cash advance in Naperville will be repayable within 13-45 days, depending on the date of your next paycheck. Most lenders in Illinois set their fees at 15% as allowed by law. You may request a payday loan up to $1000, but no more than 25% of your total monthly income. The loan can be given to you as cash, or you can have it deposited into your checking account.

When the loan term is up, and your paycheck from work is in your checking account, the lender will withdraw funds using your postdated check. You can elect to pay off the loan earlier, but the fee amount remains the same. It is important to understand that a cash advance in Naperville results in higher finance charges than a bank loan, and failure to have sufficient funds at the end of the loan term may carry penalties such as NSF check fees and possible legal expenses.

You may take out only one cash advance in Naperville on any given day, and you cannot have more than two outstanding loans. The law prohibits rolling over the loan or extensions. Before deciding to receive a payday loan, do your homework and determine if the fees involved are worth the cash obtained. These cash advance lenders are a good option in an emergency, but multiple loans over the course of a few months or a year means a total of finance charges that can exceed the amount of the original loan. Always think ahead when borrowing in the short term.