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Cash Advance in Athens

If you find yourself short of cash in Athens, GA you might want to consider a cash advance loan. Cash advance loans have been around for years. One reason for their longevity is that they are remarkable easy to obtain. These loans are designed to help borrowers who are experiencing a temporary financial crisis. As such, these loans are intended to be for a short duration. Unlike many other states, Georgia has no limits on loan terms.

Securing a cash advance in Athens, GA is a simple matter. Cash advance lenders do not require that borrowers have a solid credit history or a good credit rating. In fact, many cash advance loans can be made even when the borrower has no credit at all. With a steady job, a verifiable bank account, and proof of age and state residency, most applicants will be approved for a cash advance in Athens, GA.

The accessibility of cash advance loans also accounts for their popularity. These loans may be as near as your computer. Cash advance loans are expedient. Unlike banks or other lending institutions which often take days or weeks to make a lending decision, cash advance loans are often funded within hours. Understanding that financial emergencies require an immediate action, a cash advance in Athens, GA is designed to place that money in the hands of the borrower as quickly as possible.

All cash advance loans are typically processed in one of two ways. Borrowers may come into the cash advance loan office and provide the required documentation. Once that documentation has been reviewed, the borrower will write a personal check to the loan company for the repayment amount plus any applicable fees. The cash advance loan company will retain the borrower’s check until the loan's due date, at which time they will cash the check. Extensions are occasionally granted, but in Georgia a borrower cannot have more than four checks outstanding at one time. The total indebtedness of the borrower must not exceed $500.

More and more cash advance loan companies are allowing borrowers to complete the entire process online. The loan’s proceeds are deposited directly into the borrower’s existing checking account. On the loan’s maturity date, which is usually the borrower’s next payday, an amount equal to the amount of the loan and any fees is deducted from the borrower’s bank account.

The maximum fees for a cash advance in Athens, GA are 15% of the amount of the loan. However, those fees cannot exceed $45. For long terms needs, cash advances may not be the best option, but for many people who need cash in a hurry, a cash advance can provide the solution to their immediate problem.