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Cash Advance in Daly City

Anyone can find themselves without cash in the bank when they need it the most. If you’ve had your car break down or faced with an emergency medical bill, then you know how unpleasant this can be if you don’t have the funds on hand. A payday loan is a possible solution to this dilemma. Getting a cash advance in Daly City will allow you to pay off the unexpected expense without having to wait until payday at work.

Certain rules apply for obtaining a payday loan, as these short-term cash advances are unlike borrowing from a traditional lender. In California, the law allows for payday loans through the internet as well as in-person. The term of these loans ranges from 5-31 days, depending on the date of your next paycheck. You must be 18 years of age to apply for a cash advance in Daly City, and show proof of your identity.

The application itself is fairly simple. In order to be approved, all you need to do is fill out a simple form and meet a few requirements. If applying at a store location, you must write a postdated check that will cover the loan amount plus the fees that will be incurred.

A recent payroll stub from your employer will verify your income and inform the lender of the date your next paycheck is due. The loan will be available as cash if you apply in person, or as an immediate bank transfer if you apply online. Your bank account must be open and active for you to receive a cash advance in Daly City.

Lenders in California will add a 15% fee to the amount of the loan. As an example, if you borrow $200 in the form of a payday loan, the amount that must be repaid will be $230. You need not repay the loan in person; the lender will withdraw the funds from your bank account on or after the date the loan expires.

You may not rollover or extend a cash advance in Daly City. The law in California does not allow refinancing of a payday loan. Also, you must repay this type of loan before you can apply for another one. This is to help protect you from the dangers of over borrowing.

Once you have received a payday loan, your lender will not require you to fill out the entire application in the future. Your information is kept on file, and any subsequent loans can be processed in a matter of minutes.

A cash advance in Daly City is a convenient way to get the funds you need in an emergency, but remember to borrow only when necessary, as the finance charges exceed those of a bank loan.