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Cash Advance in Tucson

In these tough economic times, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you’re short on funds. Unfortunately, financial crises always seem to strike when money is at its lowest. Even though you may feel stuck, there’s an easy solution that can take care of some of your debts. Taking out a cash advance in Tucson allows you to borrow a small amount of money for a short period of time.

These loans are designed to be straightforward and hassle free, one of the many reasons why they’re becoming so popular across states. Yet even with their attractive appeal, there are many details that you’ll want to be familiar with. If you don’t educate yourself beforehand, you could end up owing more than you intended to borrow.

There are state laws and regulations in place to help protect borrowers from incurring additional fees and expenses. All lenders in Tucson must be licensed with the state in order to operate as a business. And any transaction between the borrower and lender must have a valid phone number and address on the paperwork so that they can remain in contact and file a complaint if necessary. But even with these guidelines in place, there are still ways that borrowers can fall into a deeper hole.

To request a cash advance in Tucson, all you need is a valid ID, active checking account and proof of a steady income. Bad credit is OK, which means you get an approval almost immediately. In order to complete the cash advance, most lenders will require you to post-date a check with the total amount of the loan, plus any applicable fees and interest.

When your loan period is up, the lender will cash the check and the transaction will be complete. By holding up your end of the deal, you’ll be able to get another cash advance and maintain your credit score.

However, even well intentioned individuals can fall short. In Tucson, the minimum loan period is five days, which means you may not have the funds to pay back your loan in that short amount of time.

Fortunately, a cash advance in Tucson does have the option to extend, or rollover, the loan. You can only do this a maximum of three times and you’ll be responsible for additional fees and interest accrued during this time. While the situation may not be ideal, it’s best to let your lender know as soon as possible if you’ll need an extension.

A cash advance in Tucson is an excellent way to get the funds you need in a short amount of time. In fact, people can even see their money deposited into their accounts on the same day. In Tucson, the maximum limit is $500 and only one loan can be taken out at a time. If you need more money, consider applying for a loan online. Safe and secure, the process is similar but borrowers can request up to $1500. You also get the same speedy response, with funds deposited into your account on the next business day.