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Keep Your Lawn Beautiful Without Spending Too Much

- Don't Let Your Beautiful Home Break the Bank

Lawn With Flowers

Having a big, healthy lawn is great, but the upkeep is not cheap. The most costly part of maintaining your lawn is the water costs involved. Using various water conservation methods will save you money over time, and will be good for the environment. There are also ways you can help your grass grow using your household waste rather than spending money on costly materials.

Water your lawn deeply and you won’t have to water it as frequently. A couple times a week, soak your lawn so it is damp, but not so damp that there are puddles. This water will remain in the soil for a few days so you don’t have to spend time and money watering it every day. Also, make sure to water your lawn towards the end of the day when the sun is setting or has gone down. This way the water isn’t evaporated by the hot sun, and it can soak deep into your soil overnight.

Composting is a nearly free way to maintain your lawn and provide it with nutrient-rich soil. The process takes a long time, sometimes up to a year, and requires a bit of work. However, it’s extremely economical and you’ll never need to buy soil when it comes time to plant your grass, or replant sections that have died. If you don’t have a lawn yet and are planning on planting one, put it off until your compost heap is ready. Spread this nutrient-rich material prior to planting your grass seeds or sod. You won’t have to spend the money on expensive soil prior to planting. It will also help your grass grow faster, stronger and healthier.

Plant a buffer around your lawn to save it from any unintended wear and tear. If there is a path through your lawn, create a buffer using stones or plants. This will keep people from stepping on the edge of your grass and potentially harming it. If you don’t like the look of stones, you can use shrubs and plants to border the lawn. These will require watering and care, just like your lawn, which will cost you a bit more money. To save on your border, use plants that require a small amount of water. For an inexpensive project, like a stone buffer, you can get the money easily from places like

If your lawn gets lots of direct sunlight and costs too much to keep up, then plant some trees. The trees will take awhile to grow big and provide lots of shade, but in the long run they will save you money. The trees will provide shade for your lawn, but still allow it to get the necessary sunlight to grow while adding a unique look to your home.

Your lawn will take some work, but by paying attention to the details, like direct sunlight exposure and the type of soil that you use, you can have expensive-looking grass for a fraction of the cost.