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NOTICE: CashAdvance.com is not a lender, does not provide loans or collect debts, and does NOT make phone calls to customers. The information herein has been provided to alert consumers of the tactics and contact data of known offenders.

Scam Alert: 714-982-9773

Scammer Rating:

5 / 5 - Extreme *

Claims to Be:

Financial Law Department

Phone Number:


Contact Frequency:

Hourly, Once

Representative's Name:

Jake Marshall, Jose Garcia

E-mail Address:


Two different reports have been filed about this phone number.

Multiple calls from different men, one claims to be Jake Marshall, the other Jose Garcia. Both claim to work for the Financial Law Department, though no such agency exists. This caller may be able to recite social security and bank account numbers, as well as other personal information. The caller threatens victims with subpoenas and other legal recriminations if immediate payment is not made for outstanding loans.

The victim was contacted by a representative of a financial law department stating that the victim defaulted on a loan from Cash Advance Inc. The victim has never applied for a loan before but the representative still had all of his personal information at hand.

* The Scammer Rating is derived from a combination of determining factors, including the number of different victims reporting the culprit, the period of time the culprit's been active, the frequency of the attacks, and the severity of the threats made.

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