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Maryland Cash Advance Consumer Resource

Maryland Cash Advance Alternatives

Not having the option to get a payday loan doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions available to help you. Below is a brief list of solutions...

The Maryland Cash Advance Process

At this time, traditional payday loans are currently prohibited in Maryland. Residents who are low on cash and need assistance should consult the alternatives page...

Maryland Consumer Protection has created this section of our website to serve as a resource for Maryland cash advance customers. is not an actual payday advance...

Maryland Cash Advance Laws & Regulations

References: Maryland Code Ann. Com. Law II § 12-301 et seq. Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation Address: 500 North Calvert Street Suite 402 Baltimore MD 21202 Phone: (410) 230-6100 Fax: (410)...

Are you a Maryland resident trying to find a payday loan and running into barriers to obtaining current, comprehensive information on the process? If so, then rest assured you are not alone in your confusion. Thousands of Maryland residents have been bombarded by the conflicting information on the internet regarding the availability of payday loans and the legal status of the industry in Maryland. You have certainly come to the right place! is the leader in payday loan consumer resources, having compiled the ultimate comprehensive guide to Maryland payday loans.

Consumers thinking about borrowing a payday loan should always first consult the rules and regulations overseeing the payday loan process in their individual state. At this time, the payday loan industry has been prohibited in the state of Maryland. However, residents can still obtain a payday loan online through an out-of-state lender. Continue exploring our site for more information on how this works and other alternatives that are available. welcomes your comments! You can send your own personal tips, advice, or articles on Maryland payday loans to:

For more information on cash advances within the various cities of Maryland, please visit the Information by City section below.